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Happy New Year - First Newsletter of 2018

Well here we go….another new and exciting year of Dance and Drama planned at Tu Danse Studios.

Let`s start with some dates for your diary;

Half term holidays; there will NOT be classes February 12th-18th inclusive & Wednesday 28th March will be the last day of classes before the Easter break.


Saturday May 5th will be our show- “Once Upon a time “…. Held at Kingsgate, Peterborough.

All students from Baby Boogie up to the advanced ballet classes are invited to perform in the show. It is not compulsory but it is always a fun experience and one that the students who have done it before, are always very excited about.

There will be three shows on that day 11am, 2pm and 6pm. Over the next couple of weeks we will be planning the schedule and will then advise everyone which classes will be performing in which show. Tickets for the show will go on sale on Saturday 10th February at 8.30am.


We have several Half Term & School holiday Workshops planned and this year we are offering a pay for 2 and get one free option, which means you are paying just £10 per day for 3 workshops! It’s a great way to entertain the little ones (age 4-8) in the school holidays.

Please see the noticeboard for details, and the office for booking forms.


Classes; There have been a few changes to the timetable so please do make sure that you aware of any that may affect you….

Did you know that if your child does two classes a week of the same genre….the second class is half price? Many take advantage of this offer and attend two Street, Ballet or Tap classes each week. Please ask the office for details.


Fees are due the first week back of term if they have not already been paid. Please do arrange to make payment on time as it does get embarrassing for admin staff when they have to keep reminding people, and whilst we have never actually applied them in the past…one of new year`s resolutions will be to add a late payment fee if lessons are not paid within the first two weeks of term. If you have any issue with this please do speak in confidence to Anita. We will always help where we can.



Just a few housekeeping notes;

Please do try and remember if you move house or change your phone, we need to update our system. Doing this may save you a wasted journey if we have to cancel the class….or help us contact you in an emergency.

The same notes apply as always regards,

1.       SAFE PARKING- Please note we do know that people parking on the grass verges THIS side of the road where the yellow lines are , have been given parking tickets so PLEASE do not park on the grass !

2.       Please respect the waiting area / toilets / toys and teach your children to so the same. These are provided for your wellbeing and we do spend a lot of time and effort making sure it’s a nice and clean environment for you. We would appreciate your help in keeping it that way.

3.       We realise that as some children are here for some time, it is necessary to bring along snacks/food for them to consume. That is not a problem at all…but again, we would request that when they are eating, that you encourage them to sit at the table with you. It isn’t nice for both staff and other customers when we have pasta/raisins/chocolate trodden into carpets and left all over toys …and worse still is that that trodden food invariably gets onto the soles of dance shoes that end up in the studios.


All classes do have a uniform. This is not just so they all look alike. It’s to encourage a feeling of being part of a team….but is also designed to help with your dance style. For example a leotard in ballet can help the teacher see your lines and positions and is much less restrictive that jeans and t shirts would be. A dress code also teaches discipline, which is important in an art as demanding as dance.

We do have a second hand board and we are very happy for anyone to post on there any dance shoes/leotards that your child may have outgrown for resale.

As with uniform, hair is equally important. Ballet dancers should have hair back in a neat bun. If you cannot do a bun then a high ponytail is acceptable (we will be doing a series of free lessons on doing ballet buns during the year if anyone is interested)…or for other dance styles, French plaits or ponytails. This is as much for safety as for grooming.


There will be lots of things to keep updated on as we go through the year. We always put any news items on our Facebook page, website, and noticeboard and in newsletters.

 If you are in doubt of anything please ask at the office…..and thank you for your continued support.

We really look forward to having a fabulous 2018 with you at Tu Danse Studios xxx

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