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Summer Term Newsletter

Summer seems a long way off with how cold it is, but we are fast approaching the summer term.

It will be a very busy term for us and there are some very important things that we need to share with you. So in no particular order;

The Show- & some common questions….

When is the show? – May 5th  

What time is the show? – That depends on which class your child attends, please ask or see the list on the board. 

Where is the show? Kingsgate Community Centre, 2 Staplee Way, Peterborough PE1 4YT

Is my child in the show? All children from Baby boogie upwards are invited to participate in the show. If your child has started since Feb half term, they may not be aware of the show as you/we may have decided that its just too soon…but if you are unsure, please do ask us.

My child is in two shows, do I need to collect them between the shows? Yes please. There is a quite a gap between shows, so it will be a good idea to take you child for food/fresh air etc and then bring them back refreshed for the second performance.

Do I need a ticket for my child? Not if they are performing…the students will remain with us backstage for the duration of the show.

Where can I buy tickets and will they be available on the door? Tickets are available from us. The costs £12.50 Adult and £10 OAP/Child . There may well be tickets available on the door but we cannot guarantee that.

Will there be usual lessons on Saturday 5th May? No sorry, we will all be at the theatre all day.

What about costumes? Most things will be provided by Tu Danse, however if you are required to provide anything you will be told well in advance.

Can we take video / photographs? Sorry but no. This is due to copyright laws and child protection policy. We do have our own licensed photographer who will be taking shots both onstage and backstage and these will be available to purchase from him after the event. I am also in the process of arranging a videographer and DVDs of the show will also be available to pre order.

Regards times you will need to drop your child off to us, and the procedure of doing so, there will be a letter much nearer the time. If this is your childs first show with us, let me briefly reassure you that it is not an “ordeal” for them.

The children have a great time backstage as well as onstage and are extremely well looked after by Tu Danse staff, teachers, assistants , and DBS checked chaperones who have worked with us for many years.

And lastly ….please please please try and make sure that your child attends ALL their classes between now and the show date. It is not always practical to come on another day, as different classes are doing different dances.

Term fees – April 16th- July 22nd

We will once again be offering a discount for fees paid before April 1st for the dates above .

If your child attends classes on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs or Sunday it will be a 13 week term so if your class is a ;

30 min class fees will be £70.20   (£64.80)

45 min class fees will be £81.90   (£75.60)

1 hour class fees will be £93.60   (£86.40)

Troupe fees will be £65        JPA fees will be £97.20         SPA fees will be £113.40

Saturday will be a 12 week term as we are not in on May 5th…. So your fees are in brackets above.

There is a 10% discount applied to fees paid before April 1st. After that date they will revert to the full costs.

Please do ensure that your fees are paid on time. We hate having to remind people and will have to start applying late payment fees for those regular late payers.

We have had lots of the letters returned with updates of email addresses and preferences of direct debit/e-invoices etc. Thank you for this. It is something that we will be starting in September and if you haven’t yet returned it or haven’t been given one, please speak to the office.

Last couple of notes….same old……

Please do not dispose of nappies in the ladies sanitary bins ….its not fair on staff having to clear them out and for other customers as they do create a bad smell even when just wet. We do provide nappy sacks and there is a skip outside which you are welcome to use.

Parking- can be an issue on certain days. Please do be patient and careful when moving around the car park. We do ask people not to arrive for their class until about 20 mins before it, as this can cause unnecessary congestion.

Toys- These are provided by Tu Danse for your childs amusement. We do ask that you please encourage your child to put these away before leaving and to treat the items with respect.

Food-We do appreciate that SOME children are here for a period of time and that they need a snack. We would ask that you encourage them to sit with you at the table and not run around eating. This avoids food being transferred up into the dance studios on shoes…which is very unpleasant for those who dance barefoot!

As always, we really do appreciate your custom, we know that you do have a choice of where to send your child for lessons and we appreciate that you choose Tu Danse J

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