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Latest Newsletter- September 2018

Well its hard to believe that we have already had two weeks of the term...Time flies when you are having fun  
Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on the work we have had done in the Summer.
It was a lot of hard work but well worth it, I think.

We have lots of things planned for the next few months and you will get details as we go along. Facebook is always a good way of keeping up to date and if you are not already a facebook friend then it will be worth liking our page.

The last day of this half term is Sunday October 21st and we are back on Monday 29th October.

We are closed for normal classes during that week but we do have some fabulous holiday workshops available …so please see the noticeboard for details or facebook or www.tudanse.co.uk

They are booking fast so don’t delay booking!
This year we have also decided to offer some Christmas workshops prior to the big day itself….
Again this is a great chance for you to get your Christmas shopping done…or as a group of Saturday mums are already planning…have a pre Xmas ladies lunch, whilst we entertain the children for you…and why not!
Again though, please don’t delay booking….we hate to disappoint people but we do have a number limit!

From September we are going to have a “Student of the Month” award. 
This will be decided collectively by the teachers and will be awarded to the student that we feel has done something however small , in the preceding month, that has impacted on someone else…helped someone, shown appreciation in some way, been supportive….or even overcome some hurdle themselves….
We know that so many of our students look on their Tu Danse class mates as part of an extended family , and we see on many occasions the support they give each other….this will just be a small way for us to officially say…. Well done!

We need your help please!
At the end of the Summer Term, Tu Danse Studios were nominated for Small Business of the Year Award 2018 and I was also nominated for the Small Business Owner of the year award 2018.
I was thrilled and very grateful to be nominated and even more surprised to get through to the finals.The competition is made up of a variety of things, I had an interview with the panel of judges last month, A mystery shopper will be sent to check us out at some point…neither of those can you affect….but what you can do is affect the votes…….

There are two ways to vote 
1. Through Facebook- Go to the Small business Awards – Peterborough page , You then have to like their page please… then go to their photos … you will see 2018 finalists album (it has a picture of a cake ) scroll through that until you find Tu Danse Studios …almost at the end…and like the Tu Danse Picture ….. That’s the first way.

2. You are allowed to vote twice, the second way is to go to www.thesmallbusinessawards.co.uk it will say to vote click here which will take you to a vote now form… The rest is self-explanatory.
I appreciate that this will take you a few minutes, but we really do need your votes.

This would be a fabulous achievement for us in any year, but having just completed year 10 it would be a tremendous accolade to all the hard work and effort that so many people have put into the business to get us this far, and it would be great if Tu Danse could win this award for everyone . 
#Thank you so much x

Lastly as always ;
Housekeeping notes 
Toys- We buy these toys and supply an area to help occupy siblings whilst your children are in class. We would appreciate your help in maintaining the standard of these toys…i.e not allowing our child to rip pages from the books or intentionally cause damage etc. Also it would be very much appreciated if you could replace the toys as you leave, in the area provided.
Nappies- The ladies sanitary bins and general waste bins in the toilets are NOT the place for nappies, whether soiled or just wet! Believe me I have arrived the next morning to many wet/dirty nappies left in the toilets and it really isn’t pleasant! I have provided bags and there are two skips outside, so we would really appreciate you disposing of them outside. Thank you
Parking- At certain times the car park can be very busy. It is manageable at those times if we are all careful and considerate. We do ask people not to arrive more than 15 minutes before their class , as this does mean that any timetable adjustments we have made to avoid congestion is a total waste of time. Also we would ask that if a parent is planning on sitting in their car waiting for a student, maybe they could avoid using up a parking space if it is needed. If you are staying in your vehicle then please carefully block someone is, you will be there to move your car if necessary so this should not be a problem. 
Safety is the biggest concern, please drive slowly and carefully and be aware of children. It is NOT advisable to park on the grass verges outside the gates! This does block the view for traffic coming along Newark Road and makes it very dangerous getting out of the gateway. It is also a double yellow line and you can be penalised.
Illness- We`re coming up to the Winter and as always hand in hand with that is Chicken Pox, Sickness bugs, Colds etc…. Please please please….if your child is ill DO NOT send them to dance classes. Not only are all of these things contagious and therefore passed on….it isn’t productive in any way for your child. When Ill, they need to rest to allow their immune system to build back up and to get well more quickly….a child full of cold will get nothing from a ballet class....wait until the child is feeling better, and then make up the missed class at a later date if you want to.

Thank you
Anita x

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