2017 January Newlsetter

Summer Term Newsletter

I truly cannot believe that we are soon going to be in the Summer Term….where has the last 3 months gone?

We have had lots of new students join us this term, its been lovely to see so many new faces and also some old ones back again …..we hope that you are enjoying your classes and if you have any queries please do speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help or find you someone that can.

As many of you will know, this is our 10th year of opening, so to celebrate that we have many events going on. Some of the students will be performing at Her Majestys Theatre in London in May , others at the NSPCC Ball Holiday Inn, and the troupe and senior contemporary will be going to Euro Disney to compete in October….plus we have our very own Strictly event on April 30th. 14 couples which comprise of a student and parent are competing for the Tu Danse Trophy…they are practising weekly and are all putting lots of time and effort into this event. There will be professional judges but we also would like lots of supportive audience members to help cheer them on….so if you would like to come along the tickets cost £5 and are available from the office.

So a really busy time……….

Watching week

At the end of every term we have an open class, which means that parents are invited to watch the class so they can see firsthand what we do with the children once they disappear through the door.

This term this will take place in classes from Monday 3rd April to Saturday 8th April

**Please note Monday Contemporary classes only watching week will be on Monday 24th April

This is always a very popular event and so we do have to restrict the number of people per child. Each child can invite 2 people to watch. We also understand that some students will have siblings. We would out of courtesy to the teacher and the students ask that you please make sure any siblings are sitting with you at all times and are NOT allowed to run around the studio during the class. This is for their safety and the comfort of all. If the teacher feels that there is any disruption to the class they will kindly ask you to leave as we do not want to spoil it for others….so please ….mobile phones turned off or on silent.

We have chosen not to hold any Easter Workshops this year but we will have some days planned for the May half term and the summer….so please do check the noticeboard, Tu Danse Studios facebook page and the website for details…

Every year we like to support the FOCC. This is a local charity that bring over about 30 primary age children from Chernobyl for 4 weeks in the summer. This helps to improve dramatically the quality of life for these young boys and girls. See www.focc.org.uk for more details.

For our little bit, we have the girls here for a day and we do ballet, street and other fun activities with them…this has always been one of my personal highlights of the year and it truly is such a rewarding experience seeing the excitement and the happiness in these young girls faces when we give them a ballet uniform and shoes, or a street t shirt and trousers….and then follow it with a class.


This year they will be joining us at the beginning of July, so prior to them arriving we would like to start a collection of items that are impossible to buy for them back home, but that we can package and send back for them. These are items that we have been told would be of maximum help so if the next time you are shopping you could possibly just add one of these items into your basket , we would be really so grateful, as would they. We can help make a difference x

 Packets of seeds ( vegetables so they can grow their own ), antiseptic creams such as Sudacrem, Stock cubes, toothpaste, pens pencils and notepads for school would all be very welcome.

Fees -As before, we will be offering a discount cost for pre payment of next terms fees.

The fees must be paid by April 9th and are for the full term from April 24th –July 2nd. There will be one week shorter for Mondays due to the May day holiday on May 1st.

30 mins classes for Tuesday, Wed, Thurs & Sat cost £59.40  for Mondays £54.45

45 min classes for Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, & Sat cost £70.20 for Monday classes £64.35

1 hour classes for Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat cost £81  for Mondays £74.25

Junior Performing arts £91.80                        Senior Performing Arts £108

For BACS payments please use the childs name as a reference;

Barclays Acc 83756505 sort code 206737

And lastly some of the usual things regarding;

Nappies- Please DO NOT leave these in the toilets …it really us very unpleasant for staff and other customers. We do have a skip outside …please use it !

Parking- We do try our best to schedule classes to reduce congestion. If you turn up for your childs class 45 mins- 1 hour before it starts you are really not helping matters. Please do be considerate and be safe when parking.

Toys & the waiting room – Anyone that has been to any other dance school will tell you what a luxury this is .Most dance schools do not provide such a facility for parents/siblings and you find yourself sitting in a car park or going home…so please please please….do encourage your children to have respect for this wonderful asset. We do our best , we heat /air condition it, we keep it very clean and tidy, we supply toys, books for amusement…and all of this at our cost ….so you can appreciate that just sometimes when we are here at 9pm having to clean up trodden in food, or empty dirty nappies from the bins, or clean writing off the walls…. We do wonder why!

As with all things, this is the minority and we do respect that most of our customers do appreciate the facility and look after it accordingly.

So that said, it just leaves me to wish you , a little prematurely, a very happy Easter break….And thank you once again for your continued support….we truly are very grateful that you choose us to provide your dance classes and give you our assurance that we will continue to provide you with a quality service.

 If you have any questions regards anything please do let us know…we can try and fix it if we know about it.

Anita x                                           www.tudanse.co.uk       Tel 01733 553830   join us on facebook